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About jeff’s donuts

Jeff Brown started his bakery career while still in high school in the mid-1970’s. Throughout his youth he worked in many different local bakeries and learned from countless bakers. He excelled at a young age developing his own techniques and formulas. At the time being a baker required 6 day, 50 hour weeks which Jeff did for 40 years.


In 2003, a downtown Jeffersonville bakery closed and Jeff bought it before it went to auction. The bakery grew for the next 12 years and became well known for their quality products.


By 2015, the East End Bridge was complete and business opportunities in the Jeffersonville area were promising. At that time Jeff partnered with his sister, Diane Green, and moved the downtown bakery to State Road 62 near the River Ridge Industrial Park in Jeffersonville, IN. Their goal was to focus only on donut products and remain open 24/7 so their products would be available for 2nd and 3rd shift workers.

Our Products

Jeff's has simplified the process of making donuts, while still using the old-school methods that has set Jeff’s Bakery donuts above the rest. Jeff and Diane consider this their greatest accomplishment. We have devised a 3 months training program that empowers employees to turn their passion for baking into a long-term career. With our training program proving successful, each of our new bakeries will support 4-5 families. Anyone who is willing to work, learn and be dependable can achieve a good income with only 3 months of training.

Local bakeries have been declining for the last 20+ years because the work was too demanding and it was a low paying job.  While money has to be made in any business, money is only one measure of success.  Jeff and Diane feel the more important and fulfilling measures of success are: 1) on your journey have you helped others, and 2) have you helped the industry that allowed you to be successful. With each Jeff’s Donuts that opens, it will provide several well-paying careers without the 6 day, 50 hour weeks of the past.  This will also help the baking industry survive still using the old-fashioned, hand-made methods that we teach.

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